Free Pattern – Sugar & Spice Baby Bib

It's been quite a while since I have had any babies in my arm. My boys are in their teen years but I can still recall the sweetness of having little ones. A friend of mine was having a baby so I decided I would make her something that was not only cute, but useful. … Continue reading Free Pattern – Sugar & Spice Baby Bib


My favorite things – Part 1

Before I begin this post, I wanted to thank the few of you who have purchased through one of these affiliate links. Your support is helping me save money to be able to renew this blog for another year so that I can continue to provide you with free patterns. You don't pay anything extra … Continue reading My favorite things – Part 1

Free Pattern – Wandering Through Winter Fingerless Gloves

Yesterday, as we walked through the snow, I couldn't' help but think of the soft yarn waiting for me at home. The gloves I was wearing weren't quite long enough to cover my wrists as much as I like them to so when I got home, I pulled out my hook and yarn. I decided … Continue reading Free Pattern – Wandering Through Winter Fingerless Gloves

Free Pattern – Sunburst Facial Scrubbies

Another week and another free pattern! I know a lot of you have been having extremely cold temperatures across the US so I am not going to complain about our 17F temperature with a wind-chill factor of 1F. Ok, so maybe I will! I normally love the cold and can't stand the heat but I … Continue reading Free Pattern – Sunburst Facial Scrubbies

Free Pattern – Be Mine Bunting/Garland

Love is in the air and I am here to share some of it! Last Spring, I began hanging a garland over the entry of my dinning room. I made a banner for spring, 4th of July, Fall and some Christmas lights. It was so much that I decided to continue and design some of … Continue reading Free Pattern – Be Mine Bunting/Garland

Free Pattern – Dreamer Infinity Scarf

      I absolutely love the cold, rain and snow but I don't enjoy being cold. A few months ago, I found this delicious yarn and fell in love with it. At first, I was attracted to the name, Latte Cake. I mean, lattes do contain coffee so that was enough justification in itself … Continue reading Free Pattern – Dreamer Infinity Scarf

Happy New Year and 2019 Goals

Happy New Year! Welcome back!  I hope you had a great New Year’s Eve and Day. I decided to begin the year by doing my annual jump into the cold Pacific Northwest ocean.  This was my sixth-year plunging.  I just love the feeling of a fresh start each new year brings.  It doesn’t get any … Continue reading Happy New Year and 2019 Goals