Review: Susan Bates Finishing Needles

Before I begin, I must disclose this is my own honest opinion on a product I purchased with my own money.  I just enjoy using them and thought I would share this with anyone who hasn’t tried them yet.

I discovered these needles while watching a YouTube tutorial.  I’ve seen them around different craft stores and never really understood how they were used until I saw them in action.


These needles make sewing in short ends a breeze.  Before I owned these beauties, I would dread having to sew in stubby ends because it felt like I was constantly re-threading them.  It was a constant battle that would frustrate me.

Then I found these beauties.

In the pictures below, you can see how they work.  You thread the needle, slip it under a few stitches and then move the yarn to the other end when you are ready to go back through to secure your ends.  It’s that easy and you don’t have to keep re-threading it!

I make a lot of blankets all year long.  Sometimes I forget to leave a longer tail when I start and sometimes I play yarn-chicken and just barely have enough yarn to finish.  When either of those two scenarios occur, I just pull out my trusty new needles and sew in those ends without any stress.

Have you tried them yourself?  If so, I would love to hear your opinion on them.

Thanks for stopping by!


Click on the link below to get your own set!


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